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    Solved Oh nice another black screen

    Basically, I updated my laptop yesterday. It got a broken screen so I use an external one. Coming back home, trying to start it and... Surprise !! Nothing ! After multiples tries, I was lost. Nothing happened, I just updated it. The external screen works, he is not dead cause it says 'no...
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    No display

    So to start things off I'll tell you how this tragic tale happened. At first my PSU was making this loud noise, I didn't know what is was so I opened my case and checked. I nicked my finger on my GPU fan and broke off a blade. My GPU was now vibrating like mad and my PSU was whining like crazy...
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    Needs some advanced help!

    Hello, I'm new to this forum btw. So first of all, I've buit a modest Gaming PC for one of my friends. It was a lot of fun building this PC for a friend, And it all looked neat when everything was assembled. Thee are the specs: -------------------------------------------------- - ASRock 970...