1. HuntOS

    Ethernet stopped working on Debian 10.8

    Hello! This is my first post on this forum. Recently, my Ethernet on my Debian 10.8 system stopped working. I hardly know what is going on, as I had never had any problems with it. This puts me in a bad place because I hadn’t configured a wireless connection before this broke. Also, my wireless...
  2. lucifer.489

    Transfer usb live persistence linux to SSD partition

    Dear tech-support: I am a windows user but also i use kali linux in usb with live persistence. But since my usb is not having enough storage i want to install that same usb linux on my computer SSD partition with all other persistent data without getting lost. Please help me in this.
  3. davidpluseipi

    System hangs during boot after installing PureOS 9 (Ideapad)

    Hi, I'm pretty new at Linux so I'm hoping someone here might be able to help. :) I got a new Lenovo Ideapad Flex 14 and booted from a USB with a pureOS 9 .iso (based on Debian 10), and as far as I could tell the install went fine, but after I removed the usb and rebooted (like you're supposed...
  4. crcook84

    File server alternative to Ubuntu

    Just a quick backtrack: If anyone has been following my posts, I rebuilt a file server out of an obsolete Isilon. I had a spare motherboard, so I stuck that in the chassis. The problem is that Windows Server doesn't like any of the drivers. However, Ubuntu auto-installs everything. The problem...
  5. L

    Connecting OS X with Debian Linux

    I am currently running a computer with OS X El Capitan and one with Debian Linux (8). I would like to easily connect the two via ethernet so that I can transfer files over them at high speeds. All of the hardware is configured at this point, but what do I need to do on both the OS X end and the...