1. xthestormtrooper

    [Solved] disabling two finger volume control on Android

    I've installed a good number of third-party apps on my Android phone some of these apps deal with customizing gesture inputs, I distinctly remember configuring these two and three finger volume / camera shortcuts in this app. Now I'm trying to disable these shortcuts and I can't remember which...
  2. C

    VsJITDebugger unhandled Microsoft .NET exception

    Hi! We have an executable that intentionally throws an error so that JIT debugger will pop up (Not through Attach to Process). However, the pop up doesn't happen recently and I saw the Windows Logs error: An unhandled Microsoft .NET Framework exception occurred in <program>.exe [9288]...
  3. ajramsay

    How to debug a command not executing?

    I am responsible for a command that is a Java executable -- I used launch4j to wrap it. Many people, including myself, use it with no problem on Windows 7 and 10. I have one user who cannot get it to execute on his Windows 7 desktop. It works on his laptop, but when he tries to execute it on...
  4. T

    Unhandled Exception

    I am getting an unhandled exception error. it is below with my system specs. I had this problem on Windows 8 and fixed it by adding TBS (the program receiving the error) to the firewall exceptions. I have since upgraded to Windows 10 and it is back. I checked the firewall exceptions and TBS...