delete account

  1. D

    Solved Please delete my account!

    Hello, I won't be using my account anymore! Can some administratior delete it, please? Thanks!
  2. AmateurJohn

    Please Permanently Delete My Account and All Posts

    Can someone please permanently delete my account and all posts associated with it, thank you!
  3. D

    Solved Please delete my account

    Hello, could an administrator please delete my account? This would be very appreciated if someone would do it for me. I won't be needing the account any longer, so thank you.
  4. D

    Solved Delete this account

    Hi I won't be using this account anymore please delete it. Thanks.
  5. D

    Delete My Account

    Help! As i see here is not an option for delete an account so please delete somebody my account. It would be great, i just changed my mind, i dont need this account. Thanks
  6. G

    Can someone help me recover an old myspace account?

    hi I have a huge issue. I have a MySpace account that I cannot remember the password for and do not have access to the email associated with it either. MySpace help pages don’t offer a solution if your email server is gone. I am desperate to delete the account....can anyone help?
  7. 1

    Sorry, but I go to go!

    Hello, everyone on this forum. I noticed as I was scrolling through the website that I am unable to leave, aka delete my account or posts. This website should not be like a cult- where once I join I cannot leave. I got an answer to the one single question I asked and needed help with but now I...
  8. N

    Please help :( Can I get this account deleted?

    Hi everyone, I feel literally sick to my stomach I might throw up, but I recently (that is, just a few hours ago), created an account on I only did so because I wanted to leave a comment under someone's work asking if they'd mind my sharing it elsewher (you don't have to...