dell xps 13

  1. emilianorth

    Upgrading laptop parts

    Hi, I have a Dell XPS 13 laptop with the specs listed below. I was wondering if there are any parts that can be upgraded to give better gaming. I only need to run games on minimum settings but I am aware that my current laptop has parts that cannot be changed. Any help at all would be greatly...
  2. J

    XPS 13 9360 (2016) No Hard drive installed after reboot

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone has come across this issue. So basically when I boot my Laptop after shutting it down (ie cold boot) it does so normally. However, when I restart the laptop (ie warm boot) there's a screen that says Hard drive not installed and prompts me to shut down the...
  3. Computernoob157

    Trackpad not working on laptop - Dell XPS 13 9360

    My mouse trackpad is not working at all on my Windows 10 Dell XPS 13 9360. There is no cursor when you move your finger across the trackpad. The left and right buttons don't do anything. External mice do work, however. Here are the things I've tried. None worked. 1.Checked windows and dell for...
  4. O

    water spill a couple of days ago

    Hi there! I have a Dell XPS13 laptop and the other day I accidentally got some water on the touchpad. it has been off since, about 48 hours by now with the exception of a few seconds testing it just a few minutes ago and a few seconds last night. once the water got on it, the touchpad stopped...
  5. S

    Trying to reset Windows 10

    I have a Dell xps 13 and I was doing a factory reset do clear everything. It is now on Hi there Let’s get a few basic things out of the way blue page. I set the time zone, region etc and click next. It goes to Why did my PC restart? page. I press next again and it loads saying Just a moment and...