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    Dell studio xps 9100 3.0 usb problems!!!!

    Hi! so I have a dell studio xps 9100 and it did not have the 3.0 usb in the front (I know it was an option long ago but want to install one). I was wondering if anyone knows what piece I would need to buy to install it. Ive watched many videos and they link me to some that look like they could...
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    Toggle touchscreen on/off by touch?

    I think I somehow manage to toggle my touchscreen off when casually using it on my windows 10 Dell XPS 9333 laptop. Is it possible? Or it's just some sort of bug? If it is possible, how do I turn the touchscreen on again? Currently I need to restart my PC for it to work again, which is a pain...
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    XPS 13 9370 Screen Stuck

    I bought a dell xps 13 9370 laptop , ive had it for a month now and already problems are showing up . if i leave the laptop open and running on idle , few minutes later the screen goes dark but the system still runs . the key bord light is still on , the fans are still on , but i cant get the...
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    Very specific Boot up issue

    Update: I've found out how to have both drives working at the same time and having the system boot up from the SSHD. Now is just the issue that the boot time is 2 times slower. Sorry in advance if this post is long but I've been consumed with this problem for hours and it's so frustrating...
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    Clean Install MAJOR difficulties. Dell XPS Studio 8100

    Hi. I am trying to do a clean install of windows 7 on a Dell xps studio 8100 but nothing is working. When the install has been successful, the computer boots and runs extremely slow. So slow that if I try to install the drivers that came with the machine the computer will just crash. Whenever I...
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    Solved Dell XPS 8700 slowing to crawl with Low Memory warnings

    Hi, Suddenly my Dell XPS 8700 has slowed to a crawl even though I have 8 GB of memory which worked just fine. I was wondering if anyone knew of any apps I could run to diagnose the problem? I'd also like to explore upgrading this unit as well. THanks, bob...