dell xps 8700

  1. G

    Product key recovery

    Hello, I have a Dell XPS 8700 desktop I'm working on. after Hard Drive failed, I installed a new one. The computer boots to a black screen... SATA 0 installed SATA 1 installed 2-5 blank. I have attempted to installed windows 7 via USB, and Windows 10. All goes well until the product key is...
  2. Sota

    keyboard problems on a dell xps 8700

    Windows 10 Dell XPS 8700 My keyboards stop working right when I get to the login screen. I tried using 3 wired USB keyboards and 2 wireless keyboards. I have tested all my USB ports with each keyboard and reset bios 3 times. list of things that didn't work * Turn the XPS 8700 off * Plug the...