desktop background

  1. A

    Solved Red Boxes Appearing on my Desktop

    Hi, I am getting a problem where occasionally red boxes start appearing all over my desktop. When it happens - was every few days but is now happening multiple times a day - anywhere I drag (select) on my desktop makes a solid red rectangle. Also, any shortcuts I hover over get a red border...
  2. Benzotron

    Start menu will not minimize, desktop remains hidden

    I only see the desktop clearly and the icons for brief seconds upon start-up, but then immediately the start menu covers (or shades) the entire desktop and hides the icons. I've tried tried clicking the start menu icon and right-clicking the start menu icon and clicking "Desktop" (which does...
  3. W

    Solved Can't change desktop background

    I've had this problem since I 1st got this refurbished PC (Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit). I thought the problem might sort itself out once all the updates were installed, but no luck. When I try to change the background via Control Panel/Appearance & Personalisation/Change Desktop Background...