desktop display problem

  1. M

    Everything is zoomed in, Desktop

    Today when I turned on my computer the resolution was awful! Everything was big and blurry and while I could do the job I had to do, I barely could. I tried going into settings and just changing the resolution, like you're supposed to do, but it's stuck on 600x800 and the slide that "allows you...
  2. Benzotron

    Start menu will not minimize, desktop remains hidden

    I only see the desktop clearly and the icons for brief seconds upon start-up, but then immediately the start menu covers (or shades) the entire desktop and hides the icons. I've tried tried clicking the start menu icon and right-clicking the start menu icon and clicking "Desktop" (which does...
  3. wolfworx

    Odd Horizontal Line on Desktop Display

    Recently I noticed a dark horizontal line on my desktop display in Win 7 The line is 3 or 4 pixels thick and located about a third the way down screen and extends from the right about two thirds across the screen. At first I thought it was a flaw in the desktop picture I was using, but I...