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  1. A

    Desktops Keep getting Switched between 2 work computers

    We use Microsoft 10 and have a license that can support up to 5 computers (we are a small office) My boss's computer at his home must be linked to my computer somehow because I will log in and out of nowhere my desktop is all his stuff. His desktop background and the pictures saved on his...
  2. William.Chapman

    Cannot create “new” folder

    Hi all! When on my desktop, I right click, and hover over “new” and my screen freezes and the screen reboots.. How can I fix this issue? It’s so frustrating! I want to create new folders instead I’m stuck duplicating and renaming folders..
  3. R

    Cannot Edit Audio Files in PowerPoint 2010

    I am trying to edit audio files on PowerPoint 2010. I have added some music files. When I select the play icon and try to edit the file these tools are greyed out. I cannot use them at all. The reason is possibly because I do not have an upgraded version of PowerPoint. After searching Microsoft...