desktop hardware

  1. Suvon102

    Solved My Desktop PC wont turn on

    Hi My PC that was working fine deciding to not turn on. I turn it on and all the fans and lights work but my display wont show anything and it doesnt even detect my keyboard/mouse. Any Help is Appreciated, Thanks.
  2. R

    Best mother board and configuration for Windows server

    Hello guys, I would like to buy new desktop. Help me with latest mother board along with perfect configuration. I use it for VMWARE, WINDOWS SERVER, WINDOWS 10
  3. A

    Need to know if im buying the right stuff

    Hello there. I am buying a desktop online and trying to buy a video card and wifi card to put in it. I want to be sure I am buying things I can actually put in there. My hubby will be doing all the installing. the computer is HP EliteDesk 800 G1 Tower Desktop PC with Intel Core i7-4770...