1. B

    Computer "starting" but not booting

    As the title says, I press start on my PC and at first it seems to be doing its job. But nothing happens! My tech expertise only covers plugging in and out the displays and making sure that they are fit for action, and again, they seem to be prepared to be doing their jobs. In detail: 1. Press...
  2. jamesowen1001

    Graphics Tablet not connecting to PC

    I have a Huion Kamvas 13 which I bought from amazon. The tablet works fine with my laptop, but for some reason it doesn't work with my PC. It works as a second monitor, but the driver software doesn't register it as connected. I have tried all the suggestions from the following pages...
  3. somhrsh

    I messed up trying to change folder location

    i tried to change the location to A drive of media folder and desktop folder but now all of them has this name and the desktop now has program files folder and other important folders( i would do a clean windows install of windows but it has office subscription that came with the laptop that i...
  4. C

    Dell Optiplex 210L

    Greetings All, First time poster.or, I inherited a Dell Optiplex 210L desktop computer with Intel Pentium 4 processor and ACER monitor. It is "wiped" clean, carefully stored and unused since 2011. Is it possible that I can update it with an operating system for use in my home studio for music...
  5. G

    Games are breaking my keyboard??

    I've run into a strange problem, and I've had no luck even finding someone who has the same problem as me. I've found similar issues but nothing that has helped. This has happened to me both when playing Minecraft through the Technic Launcher and Stardew Valley on Steam, I assume it would happen...
  6. D

    Cannot get PC to start

    I have a HP Pavillion Desktop from 2011, and the desktop suddenly started to refuse to start. The fan tries to get going but always cuts out, and the power light as well as the green light on the front flash briefly before turning off and attempting to start again. I am using Windows 10.
  7. K

    Desktop doesn't show up when LAN is connected!!

    The PC boots up quite right when the ethernet cable is disconnected but when it is left on at start up, the display goes blank after the user selection screen. It becomes normal after about half an hour. I don't know if I should get a new LAN card or if the problem is a software related one. PC...
  8. I

    Windows 10 Desktop Wallpaper Display Issue

    Hi The desktop wallpaper on my Windows 10 64 bit machine is a slideshow from a folder called 'Wallpaper' in my 'Pictures' folder and it changes every minute. I've been looking forward to changing this to my 'Wallpaper - Christmas' folder, but when I tried to do that today by right-clicking the...
  9. Z

    PC won't boot, Windows constantly crashing.

    I built my new PC on the 23rd, installed Windows 10 from a usb. everything was running fine until the 25th(though I did forget to update my drivers. likely caused the initial wave of crashes.) when it began to crash on me. Recieved multiple different BSOD codes that sadly i can't remember nor...
  10. Haven666

    K mode exeption not handled

    I can't fix my computer it pops up with a k mode exeption not handled error when I play gtav at arround halfway through the first mission I have all the latest drivers and instead of direct x 12 i have direct x 11 no matter what I do in the command prompt via dism or even recovery via a windows...
  11. Invation

    Choosing PSU

    Will CM MWE 500W White 230V V2 80+ be enough to support Ryzen 5 2600, Gigabyte GTX 1660 Super Gaming OC 6G DDR6, including 6 RGB Fans?
  12. J

    Scrolling Issue

    Hello, I am having trouble scrolling on certain platforms and it is really fustrating. For example, if I go to the sound icon ---> opening sound settings, and I try scrolling down towards related settings or help from the web on the bottom it automatically scrolls me back up thus, not being able...
  13. Emmit123

    Virus sent unwanted desktop pop ups

    I recently got a new Alienware computer and after downloading a few files I went to adfly to download a file. It told me to allow notifications so I did it because it never hurt before. I started getting desktop pop ups about support for norton security almost immediately after clicking allow. I...
  14. J

    Issues after swapping CPU

    I own a CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme GXIVR8020A4 Desktop that came with a i5 9400 processor. I was trying to switch it out with i5 9600K. It's my first time messing with anything like this, do I'm sure I messed up somewhere. I bought the wrong cpu and tried putting the old one back in without...
  15. E

    websites will not work while cell phone is connected to wifi

    i have a friend who is having this issue and i am trying to find an answer. we play a game called world of tanks. he and everyone in his house are now suddenly unable to connect to the world of tanks or wargaming in general websites. they are able to (using the wargaming installer app) download...
  16. C

    Can't send MMS after linking phone to computer

    I had no problem sending images through phone text originally (Moto E4, Android 7.1.1, Google Messages) before I installed other apps. Since the unread-counter is important to me, I installed Notifyer for unread-count. I am not sure if the unread-counter affects MMS or not , for I did not...
  17. B

    Solved Hp Pavilion won't boot

    Hi Folks, I'm not super techy, but I have read a ton of webpages on how to (possibly) fix my desktop computer. It no longers boots up, no beeps, no blinking LEDs, no sign of life! Here's the details, HP Pavilion p6218f from 2009 ( win 7 ) prod #: AU993AA-ABL Recently, the computer was...
  18. Joseph_Michael

    Question Regarding Fan Replacement

    Hello, I have five fans inside my desktop tower. Two of them are located at the front inside case. They are DC fans, possibly intake fans. The make and model is DC Brushless Fan 12 volt model A1255m12s. One of those two fans has been making loud noises even after removing all dust with...
  19. C

    printers and computers

    I have just been given a hp photosmart c4795 printer and am looking into another desktop since the old one I have doesn't support the printer. I have been trying to find out if a hp elite c2d 3.0 with windows 10 will support my printer before I purchase it. I haven't been able to find answers...
  20. Kotol420

    Marking icons on desktop on W10 looks like on W XP

    I restored my computer and then cracked some boosting application and i did something i deleted trash trought that app and now I got new problem that i had once and idk how to fix that (i restored my pc again first time) but now i want to know how to do it by another, more usefull way. So, the...