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    Windows 10 not detecting my headphone

    Hello, so my vivobook 14 is having issuees detecting headphones. Whenever i plug in my headphone i hear a beep and the realtek audio console pops up to verify if i plugged in a headphone (see attachment 1) the sound starts playing through my headphone so that's ok. But there is an issue since...
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    Dual Monitors

    Can someone please help me with my second monitor. It works fine but I want to be able to work between the two. My computer won't detech the second monitor.
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    I'm having issues with my asus gl10dh detecting my second mo

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    In Progress malware... making my file size 0Kb

    I recently used my friends flash in my laptop, after that I found some malware named exactly like my files so I tried to delete them but they came back again. after sometime it started infecting my other files my applications don't run their size turned into 0 KB. I tried to scan with avast...