device error

  1. Mrdudez

    DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_RESET (Only on Prepar3d/Flight Simulator)

    Hello all, I have been searching everywhere for a solution to this issue and never found a clear answer (Including Lockheed Martin (Prepar3d) and Nvidia Support) I have been getting this message only when i do my favorite hobby for a long time, Flight Simulation. Other games like , Fifa 19 or...
  2. J

    I/O Device Error on new WD 2TB Hard Drive

    I keep getting " I/O Device Error" I have just built a new gaming set up. Everything works fine other than the slave drive. I have an SSD as the master to boot off of and a 2tb hdd. It detects the HDD in bios but not once I boot windows 7. It says it's offline and not initialized but when I try...