1. P

    Dell no boot device found

    Hi ... i have a problem with my laptop Dell m15 my pc shut down dell support show me a message that no boot device found ... i run diagnostic and it shows me the hardware have a probem ... can any1 help me with that what i should do ??? I try to open it ... it runs normally but after it shows...
  2. EmeraldALT

    Keys on my keyboard are acting up?

    Hi there! I tried playing some games online today and I use ALT and CTRL alot When I press ALT or CTRL, It disables any keys from typing or doing anything until I let go? I'm not sure what it is? I've uninstalled my keyboard drivers and everything!! It's only started happening today not sure...
  3. J

    IPhone 7 won't start

    My iPhone 7 has been switching from the low battery screen to the apple logo screen for quite some time now. It was charging for the whole night, and it says it's low battery. There was nothing wrong with the battery before. I've tried the volume down button and the side button. Even the hair...
  4. Q

    PC Camera Not Found

    Hi, I have a Lenovo Yoga 710 laptop running windows 10 and I am having troubles with the pc camera. The camera app just goes to a black screen and won't work, a notification had popped up previously that the "camera could not be found" but that notification has now disappeared and the camera...
  5. je669

    How do I sync chrome canary to my cloud storage?

    How do I sync chrome canary to my cloud storage? I need to download data logs regarding site security issues experienced due to certifiate installation Expert help please
  6. U

    Wi-Fi Security

    Hello, I just had a quick question about the security of my Wi-Fi and the people who can see it. We as students are given chromebooks in order to do online work and classrooms. Though most work in class we are often told to finish work at home. The chromebooks need a network in order to...
  7. 8

    Laptop with slow internet

    Hello Team, I have a network problem at home, I currently have 100 Mbps with a modem and a router attached to it which i ordered from my ISP because my internet didnt get to all my rooms, but there is a specific machine that always runs slow while connected to my local home wifi. I thought it...
  8. B

    Solved Windows 10 doesn't recognize audio output devices.

    So this here ruined my holidays. I was trying to connect bluetooth speakers to my PC via USB, then upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7. As you can guess, now neither the speakers and other audio output devices arent't recognizable by my PC. Thing is, I cannot even mess with the drivers since...
  9. V

    My MIDI keyboard isnt an option to use on any music software

    So this has been an issue for a long time but ONLY for my desktop (it works fine on my laptop, but since I have gotten a lot of free time as of recent I want to use it on my desktop). I have tried several different types of music software, Ive tried different MIDI keyboards AND I have checked my...
  10. H

    USB Controller is in State of Failure or Not Installed

    I'm having a problem with my laptop recognizing my new mechanical keyboard. It connects when I try it randomly sometimes, but if I unplug it and plug it back in, it won't work, even if I restart the computer. I've been looking for a method to get it to work consistently. The first day I used...
  11. Z

    Broken power / volume buttons

    Hello, I own a Motorola E4 Plus and the power / volume buttons are broken. Due to this, I cannot power on my phone. The phone is completely charged and the screen works too. I have tried adb & fastboot but my device is not being recognised by my PC. Is there any way for me to power on my...
  12. S

    Teamviewer VPN to device

    Hello, This is the idea: Laptop>Internet>TeamViewer VPN>Internet>Remote Host>Device I have software to connect to a device (PLC) on my local machine, the license is very expensive. I have a commercial license for TeamViewer, and I have the VPN installed. Since a VPN can not be installed...
  13. A

    WiFi problems when xbox one is connected.

    Hi all, I need help with how to fix my xbox one because its my world of entertainment but every time its connected to the WiFi the Internet goes down. this only started today and I have been in touch with the ISP but at the time I thought it was just the internet but its the xbox. it isn't just...
  14. D

    No audio devices are installed

    Ok, this started when I opened my PC and I unplugged the case speaker wire that was connected to my motherboard because when I had no headphones plugged it would use the case speaker (it's not the one that only beeps), i wouldn't think that this would broke the audio port, I tryed plugging my...
  15. JasonDavidK

    Device Setup "Installing device" taking too long. Now what?

    My Windows 8.1 is trying to run Device Set Up Manager User Task Handler. It's been over a couple of hours. The progress bar is not moving. The issue started while updating/installing my windows update software. I haven't received any error messages. The computer model is Inspiron 5537. Could I...
  16. D


    STMicroelectronics 3 axis digital accelerometer CODE 10 hello so this is basically the error that im having im using lenovo horizon 27 tablet-pc troubleshoot:
  17. S

    Redirect on a specific site. Only happens on my network

    Hello all I am facing redirects on my network. This doesn't happen on my friends' networks and on my friends' devices either. This happens on a specific site. This happens if a device connects to my network and it still happens on that device if it later disconnects from my network. I don't know...
  18. AntonMiEngland

    Solved Trackpad intermittent fault

    Dear readers I bought a laptop a while back, had some issues and after exchanging it a few times I came to this laptop that I am typing this article on now. The trackpad was a bit temperamental at first but then progressed to the point where, intermittently, the track pad will assumes that 1-2...
  19. N

    No bootable device

    what does this message mean? I have an acer aspire and this message keeps popping up and I am unable to use it:(
  20. B

    Wireless Network Adapter Missing

    First of all, I would like to apologise for my lack of knowledge on the subject and potentialy bad english, since it ism't my first language. I have HP Foolio 9470m with Ubuntu 14 and Windows 7 installed. The laptop has been working *perfectly* until yesterday. I left it on (using windows at...