1. A

    Odd Power Issue on Desktop - Need Assistance Diagnosing

    About 3 weeks ago, my computer randomly began showing concerning signs that something was failing. Anytime between 15 minutes and 10 hours of my computer being on and in use, it will give me a black screen and not complete a restart. The power is never lost as my motherboard lights and fans stay...
  2. silvifrost

    What happens if you force a tablet's usb ports? How to diagn

    I have a Chuwi Hi10 Plus tablet, Windows 10 64 bit/Android 5.1 dual boot, 4 gb ram, 64 gb rom. So I inserted a micro-usb drive into my tablet. The pendrive's plastic body was quite big, so when I tried to connect the usb-c charger (port is right underneath the micro-usb), it wouldn't fit both at...
  3. T

    Cost for IT Assessment?

    How much should a IT assessment cost for a non-profit health center of 92 employees? How long should it take? Currently, servers and email are going down quite often.
  4. N

    No Post No display after CMOS CLR

    Updated with system specs: Expert/Advanced Help needed. Tried everything? The display was working, until the PW and CMOS were cleared. I can't get it to post/boot so I cannot verify below, but I believe it to be accurate. Dell Inspiron 660,64 bit, Intel Core i5, Intel B75 express chioset...
  5. B

    Boot restart circle hard disk repair

    I had windows 8.1 on a new ssd i installed this year. It said i needed to varify licence then went cuput last month. I am now back on vista on another hard disc from years ago. When i try and boot the ssd it says auto repair then diagnosing pc then advises restart. My friend made me a repair...
  6. I

    WiFi doesn't show any network in Dell Vostro 14 - Windows 10

    The WiFi doesn't show or identifies any network available. Those networks can be seen connected in other devices though. The diagnostic setup has to be run on the laptop to get things back to normal. This is a frequent problem being faced by me. It arises any time and there is no fixed...
  7. T

    Website with Wordpress

    Hello All, I am wondering if you people can help me out with my client's website, I have been doing hours of research to try and find a solution to my client's webpage problem, it seems like they have the 'white screen of death ' with their website as it doesn't show anything when I try to...