1. P

    Other games won't play properly after i've downloaded civ 6

    So I downloaded civ 6, fired it up a few times in directx 11, and then directx 12 ONCE. And after that, my other games like BF1's frames is 1 when it's loading. The same with other games like Assasin's creed unity, and FIFA.
  2. D

    League of Legends (game_error_directx)

    Each time I load LoL there is a 'crash' and a bugsplat report, but the game does not actually crash. When this happens I know it means that my game is not going to load. It does not do it all the time; a restart will fix the issue and I can usually play some games without having to restart...
  3. G

    DirectX problem

    One of my friends has a problem with DirectX not working at all. The other day I tried helping him with a game not working but ended up messing with DirectX and deleating the reg file for them. He reinstalled windows today but DirectXstill does not waork at all. I need help as fast as possible...
  4. K

    0xc000007b Application Error on Epic Games Launcher

    Over the past few months I've been trying get Fortnite to run on my pc, but sadly with no luck. My first error with the installer of the epic games launcher was the download always getting hung up on Directx. I was able to troubleshoot this error myself by downloading the launcher on a...
  5. poisonborz

    Solved DirectX install error on Win10 "SetupInstallFromInfSection"

    Freshly installed Win10 - after games didn't start because of seemingly DirectX errors, I tried to install it (both offline and web installer). All failed with this log message: [11/03/17 10:38:31] module: dxupdate(Nov 19 2010), file: dxupdate.cpp, line: 2056, function: ExecuteInf Failed...
  6. K

    Major Direct X Graphics issues,

    Hello, I'm having major direct X graphics issues in multiple games I've had problems in gta V, battlefront(newest), and battlefield 1. Notes: I recently moved to an SSD, I have windows 10 on SSD and games on another drive, (though I have tried games with game on ssd and still no). I've even...
  7. P

    Could not find any compatible Direct 3D devices

    Greetings, Here is my problem, everytime I try to run a large program such as for example a game, I get this nasty pop-up window that tells me that it could not find any compatible Direct 3D devices. I tried everything able, I checked all files, downloaded drivers, re-installed everything, I...
  8. S

    The Sims 1 game wont load on my Windows 7 laptop

    So ive been going through a nostalgic wave lately and wanted to play the Original Sims on my Windows 7 Laptop after not having touched it in so many years. Unfortunately I cant get it up and running. It goes past the loading screen, freezes on a black screen for a few seconds, then crashes back...
  9. B

    Problems with Microsoft .NET framework and DirectX

    Hi! So I've been playing GTA V without any troubles earlier but this week the game started to act weird and crash every once in awhile. I checked the crash log and what causes the crash seems to be "clr.dll" which is a part of the .NET Framework. I paste the aforementioned crash log here...