1. S

    I downloaded windows 95 on my windows 10 computer

    Hello. I downloaded this file from this link (yes i know that it was a horrible idea)^ https://archive.org/details/Music_Workshop_Second_Edition_Walnut_Creek_January_1996 and now I have a bunch of really old files. They created some sort of a disc (pic related) and I can't delete it. What should...
  2. K

    Solved Windows 10 malware? Stuck in safe mode

    So...where the problem started... My pc started freezing. So I restarted it (happened like 6x times?) . Then I was unable to login into windows. I entered a password and it just said: "Welcome" and thats all. Nothing else. It was just loading over and over again... Then it made into a safe...
  3. J

    Burned DVD won’t play

    I made a video on iMovie, downloaded it onto my computer and burned it onto a disc. It said it was successful, but won’t play on my Magnavox DVD player. I made several DVDs and none of them work. I read somewhere that a lower recording speed may help, so I chose the lowest available but it still...
  4. L

    Local Disk Drive help

    Alright, so the first problem started when my local disc drive E started giving me notifications that it was getting full and my laptop is getting a lot slower because of it. I googled on how to fix the problem and it led me through a solution through command prompt. I thought it was leading...
  5. Robert the Bruce

    Windows Media Player Puzzling

    I inserted a DVD into my PC and waited for Windows Media Player to begin playing the DVD. It didn't. I went to 'Start' - 'Windows Media Player' but still couldn't find a way to play this DVD. I went to 'This PC' and saw (see screenshot) but no option to play the disc in Windows Media Player...
  6. D

    disc burning

    whenever i insert a disc into my pc the audio files show "files ready to be written to disc".what should do i do and how to fix this without deleting files in the disc?
  7. D

    Disc Usage

    Just bought a second hand Alienware computer which was formatted and back to factory. I've logged into it and installed Norton Anti-virus but now my disc usage bounces 5% - 100% and will stay up in the high 80%-mid 90%. Other than norton which isn't running any scans or anything there's nothing...
  8. N

    Help with video card drivers

    I'm having trouble with my AMD Radeon 5700 HD video card and AMD software and tech support isn't helping at all. I'll detail some previous issues: I'm formatting my computer in order to sell it to a friend, in part because it kept asking to repair itself and getting stuck when reaching the same...