disconnecting wifi

  1. X

    USB Network Adapter keeps disconnecting after returning fro

    For the past week I have noticed that every time I turn on my laptop from sleep mode, my USB Ethernet network adapter keeps disconnecting and reconnecting itself until I unplug and re-plug the adapter. (Link to video: https://imgur.com/a/Yjn7vb4) This is starting to get really annoying as i...
  2. M

    Wifi keeps dropping randomly and can't connect to internet

    my laptop WIFI connection keeps dropping randomly to just 2 or 1 bar and i can't connect to internet at all, but after a few seconds it turns back online or if i disconnect and connect the wifi again. it's very annoying especially when i'm playing/talking online. sometimes it happens every few...
  3. riversong11

    Internet keeps disconnecting

    I have Toshiba Satellite L15W-B that is running Windows 8 and the internet connection keeps disconnecting. This happens on multiple networks and I am not having the same problem with any other devices that are connected to the same wi-fi network. The device will either completely disconnect or...