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    multiplayer issues

    First off thank you all for reading this and for any assistance you may be able to provide me. I was unsure if should post this in networking or games so i may post in both. I have been having disconnection and desync issues with multiple strategy games over the last 4 or so months. I have had...
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    Intermittent High ping and disconnect

    So I have CenturyLink internet I have been trying to fix my internet connection for a while during playing a game on my Xbox one I have intermittent disconnections and high ping rates while playing my main game which is rocket League during the game you can see your ping by pressing the back...
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    Wireless USB keyboard disconnects and reconnects

    I have a dell wireless keyboard along with a mouse. The mouse seems to work fine but the keyboard disconnects while I am in game and it usually disconnects while I am in game. I don't see any pop up on the screen telling me that the keyboard has disconnected. It just randomly stops responding...
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    Disconnection problem in CSGO. Disconnecting after ~15mins.

    Hello, a while back our internet started to behave weirdly and we had had a technician check it out but the problem returned some time later and the technician kinda fixed it and replaced our old router with a new one, supposedly. I started playing CS GO again after a long break but I did not...