1. Bonbo52

    My headset won't work with my new laptop

    So I got a new laptop for Christmas, and when I would use discord or the Xbox app on it, it would work fine. I was able to talk to my friends with the headset. But for seemingly no reason, one day it just stopped working. Apps providing a voice chat service just were not picking my voice up, and...
  2. S

    Discord refuses to install

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but I've tried everything to download Discord as I really need to use it for something. A lot of people have had a similar error message in Windows 10 where discord just won't install. I've followed all the guides but nothing is helping. And I can't...
  3. M

    Unable to connect to certain applications (IP ban?)

    Hi, so here is my story I was playing Valorant with my friend today, and suddenly my discord restarts and then get stuck on the "checking for updates" screen. Then about a minute later, Valorant stops and i get a message that says there was cheating detected and it restarted my valorant game...
  4. B

    echo from youtube and discord

    i have my computer hooked up to my tv and when i watch youtube videos through the tv i hear no echo but with head phones i hear a echo with youtube and discord, like they are in a tunnel and i cant figure out why
  5. L

    Discord input

    For discord when i test microphone when i talk the volume level rises and lowers randomly like the mic cuts in and out and its only for discord and I already re-installed the app
  6. W

    So uhh...my discord won't install

    So my discord won't install properly..when i try to install it it says installation failed, i followed the online articles and nothing it says is working..but i have managed to find my discord in the task manager and when i opened the file location and clicked on "Discord" but it said i was...
  7. I

    Audio problems with discord.

    Heyyo! So i have recently been having a load of problems with audio in my discord. I am using a behringer soundcard, that i am both using for audio in and audio out. So the wierd thing with this is that when i have restarted my PC, i go in to discord (and my audio settings) and see audio input...
  8. O

    Translate speech while streaming

    Hello. I am starting a Radio Show on YouTube. And I hope to have listeners that speak different languages. My main language is going to be English. So my question is, when I talk to someone live (probably through Discord) in Spanish can I translate it live in English? Thank you.
  9. G

    DirectX problem

    One of my friends has a problem with DirectX not working at all. The other day I tried helping him with a game not working but ended up messing with DirectX and deleating the reg file for them. He reinstalled windows today but DirectXstill does not waork at all. I need help as fast as possible...
  10. P

    Discord Error

    Here is my issue: I use the desktop app for Discord primarily. (Yes, I have Win 10, which was not a download but came pre-installed on my laptop.) I haven't had any issues with this until the 28th of April. My comp restarted &, upon trying to load Discord, it said it was installing update 1 of...
  11. J

    Ps4 audio streaming help

    I'm trying to get m discord audio into my ps4 so I can stream on the native ps4 streaming service, but I can't seem to get my discord audio onto the stream. I'm using an auxillary cable plugged into my speaker jack on my laptop, connecting it to what I think is a ctia-y cable, and the other end...
  12. F

    Programs freeze and I can't force close them

    I've been having this problem recently where a program freezes/stops responding (it was Chrome before, but it happened with Discord as well) and I have to close it using the task manager. Upon force closing it, it creates a background process with the same name and icon and all. This process is...