disk cleanup

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    I cannot figure out a way to wipe and reset my computer

    Hello I have a windows 10 computer with virtually no space on the disk. This is quite strange as there is literally nothing downloaded or available to remove from the PC. I have been trying for days to wipe or reset the PC, but it states everytime that "Additional disk space needed" to WIPE the...
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    Hard Drive Cleanup

    Hello! My hard drive is close to full, and I can't seem to find what's taking up space. I've used the disk cleanup wizard, deleted unneeded apps, and looked at other resources, and I can't seem to find what the culprit is. Any help? Thanks! Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
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    Disk Clean up gone bad: ordinal not found/nothing downloads

    Hello, My hp computer (Windows 7) was running slowly and randomly freezing and I did a disk cleanup. For the cleanup I removed all the things that were suggested (about 12GB of material). The computer works quickly now but has a bunch of new problems. Every time I turn it on I get about 20...
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    HELP! Missing Programs After BitDefender OneClick Optimizer

    I have a bitdefender total security plan on my surface pro 3 with windows 10. After I used the bitdefender oneclick optimizer, which said I can free up around 20gb of space using the disk cleanup, certain programs started to disappear on start menu and on the 'all apps' list. These apps...