disk error

  1. P

    Pc is on but is showing no display

    Recently my computer has started acting up. It said I needed to complete a disk repair; this led to an endless boot loop. During one of the scans, I turned off my computer. When I turned it back on, it turned on, but there was no display on the monitor. I need help to resolve this, I have no...
  2. B

    Non-System disk or disk error

    Hello, I am new to this website and I am not sure if I am posting to the right form. Forgive me if I am. When I try to start my HP 2300 series it pops up saying "non-system disk or disk error replace and strike any key when ready" and I don't know how to fix it Does anyone know how to help?
  3. V

    HDD Drive immensely slow

    I produce music on logicprox and one of my HDD hard drives has stored all my samples on it. Whenever I try opening a logic session which uses the samples that are saved on this drive it crashed after trying to load the samples. If I create a new session and load the said samples in this one the...
  4. D

    xp a disk read error occurred press ctrl alt del to restart

    I have an a disk read error occurred press ctrl+alt+del to restart. I will not restart. I tried to fix it but it would have brought my pc back to factory specs, so I stopped it. I need the information off of my HP Pavilion a1102n with windows XP. Now the screen is black with a blinking...
  5. puter hater

    Errors causing computer to shut down

    Dell 8200 ,Windows 7 , 64 bit I started to have issue with my keyboard and mouse stop functioning. I would have to unplug to restart. That worked for a bit but now shall we say hell has broke free. I am unable to keep it up at at all now. I was able to run test on it and this is what it is...
  6. K

    Repairing disk Errors

    I am currently trying to run an old Lenovo G50-45. The OS runs on Windows 8, and Every time the computer boots up, it repetitively goes through a process of “Diagnosing your PC”, “Preparing Automatic Repairs”, and “Repairing disk errors. This might take over an hour”. Due to this, I can no...
  7. Jypsiex

    Win 10 - Black Screen - disk error

    I have HP PC with WIN 10. The computer is nearly 6 yrs old but I have kept it updated and cleaned as much as possible and never had any major problems if at all. One day while working on my site I had turned the computer back on after lunch but just when it gets to the desktop it goes black...
  8. Silba

    Recurrent disk errors

    Hi My computer regulary have disk errors. I ran the chkdsk many times, errors were found and corrected but then they happened again. I don't know what causes them. I checked the windows application log : wmi errors keep occuring. I tried to disable it but there is no wmi service activated...