disk problem

  1. W

    Disk Password

    Hello everyone, I’ve run into an issue recently. I decided to download a Mac update that I had been putting off for a bit and it immediately ran into issues and I attempted to access recovery mode to try and trouble shoot. However, I ended up getting a screen which asks for a disk password...
  2. S

    Is a dynamic disk bad for a regular computer?

    I'm bad with computers/computer terms, so I hope this is understandable. I accidentally made my disk 1 (disk with my C: drive) into a dynamic disk while trying to add my unallocated space (deleted D:, from another disk) to my C: drive. From what I've seen, there's no way to change it back...
  3. G

    HDD stops working when on battery

    Hi there! I've got a problem. My primary "Windows" disk is 64GB SSD and I use 1TB HDD for storage. Whenever is my laptop running on battery, the harddisk will stop working after about 30 minutes of work. This happens every time when on battery. When I play film from HDD, whole laptop will froze...
  4. Magikarpusefly

    Disk is Likely to Fail Soon!

    Hello, I have 1TB HARD DISK. which have 3 partition. Model:- TOSHIBA MK1059GSMP (GU001J) Partitioning:- Master boot record(MBR). I've tried few troubleshooting steps, Tried to reinstall Windows but it says "Windows cannot be installed to this disk, the disk may fail soon". Then i formatted my...