disk space

  1. J

    The drive space was changed from 29/25 to 20

    Please help, on my laptop I went to right clicked on the original drive/disk that held about 25/29 space, and I changed the drive space from to 20. I restarted the laptop because after I exited put of the program thing, the laptop became slower than usual .Now my laptop will only show the usual...
  2. C

    Hard Drive clone issues

    Installed / cloned a 350mb HD to a 5tb HD and don't have the space. I just want the new drive to be my C and reformat the old for storage.. any help?
  3. MSpacc

    Solved Have a TB SSD, disk full after 1 game

    I have a new 15 inch HP Omen that comes with 2 drives, one of them is a terabyte solid state hard drive. I installed GTA V onto my laptop and a couple small games (civ 4 and minecraft) and it's telling me my disk space is full and I can't install anything else. My boyfriend has very similar...
  4. N

    I cannot figure out a way to wipe and reset my computer

    Hello I have a windows 10 computer with virtually no space on the disk. This is quite strange as there is literally nothing downloaded or available to remove from the PC. I have been trying for days to wipe or reset the PC, but it states everytime that "Additional disk space needed" to WIPE the...
  5. P

    Micro Disk Memory Card help

    Hello. I have installed a sandisk micro memory card on my HP stream 13 laptop. I am trying to play games on steam and it told me I did not have enough disk space avaliable to download game. I bought a micro sandisk card and installed it. I can't get steam to use the extra space from the micro...
  6. P

    Can't Find Unallocated Space in Computer Management??????

    The most stuck ive ever been with computer stuff and I'm trying to download some torrents and can't really get anywhere because my avaible space is only 3.55 gb and when I googled it I was told to run computer management and look for the grey "unallocated space" and make a new letter drive but I...
  7. A

    Hard Drive Cleanup

    Hello! My hard drive is close to full, and I can't seem to find what's taking up space. I've used the disk cleanup wizard, deleted unneeded apps, and looked at other resources, and I can't seem to find what the culprit is. Any help? Thanks! Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
  8. H

    Hard Drive Space Strangely Disappears....

    Within two days, the space on my primary HD (C:\) went down from 111 GB to 90 GB for no apparent reason. I haven't installed any applications lately on that HD; could this be some kind of insidious trojan or malware? Neither my antivirus or anti-malware program have reported any suspects...