disk usage

  1. justaguywhoneeds

    Disk Usage Very High causing lag

    Hi, I currently have an issue where I get 50%+ disk usage for no reason actually. It's causing lots of lag. Is there any fix for it? [I've tried everything on YouTube, none of them worked] btw, can an SSD solve this issue?
  2. Hen22

    Internal Hard drive Problems

    I have a internal Hard drive that has 931GB of space right now. In use it is said to be are 928GB. Now I checked and that is just not possible on that storage if i add the numbers up should be around 250GB in usage. It does not contain windows either. Of course I am suscpecting malware or a...
  3. D

    Disk usage 100%

    Hi, my disk usage is constantly at 100% on windows 10 and has been since i got my new laptop ~3 months ago, it should run quickly but is always slow, has non responsive programmes and occasionally crashes. I have tried so many tips that I've found on youtube or elsewhere online to fix it and...
  4. G

    PC constantly freezing

    My computer has been working completely fine up until yeterday morning when the entire screen froze, forcing me to restart and ever since then it just kept happening. At first I thought it might be a virus so I formatted my entire PC and reinstalled Windoes but it didn't stop the problem. The...
  5. D

    HDD 100% usage on boot

    Hello, As the title suggests.Whenever i boot up my pc / restart it ,it takes a good 5 to 10 minutes for the disk activity to return to low values. In that first period it stays at a constant 100% disk usage making my PC very slow to the point that if i try and move my cursor on the screen it...
  6. C

    Windows 10 100% disk usage.

    My computer always has extremely high disk usage no matter what I'm doing, I just factory reset it but it's still doing this I've tried many solutions online that I could find but none would work. As for my "Sysinfo" it is as followed. Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS...
  7. A

    Disk Usage always at 100% Need help! :(

    My disk usage is always at 100%. I have already disabled super fetch and 2 other functions that go along with it. I have cleaned my computer, Clean boot up, safe boot up, and get the same result. This just recently started happening to me. If anyone can give me any help or tools to use I would...
  8. hardwire12

    How do I fix these problems?

    So, I've been having this problem for ages where my computer freezes - sometimes it makes a noise as it happens,sometimes it doesn't. If I ever try to put the computer to "sleep," it sort off tries to, but then just switches off. It also remains at 100% disk usage upon start-up, for quite some...