display blank screen

  1. B

    Asus TUF gaming laptop screen blank

    My ASUS gaming TUF computer’s screen went blank, but I cannot re boot it or anything else. However the power button light is on and the light up keyboard is lit up as well. I have tried many YouTube tutorials and other support websites however I have had no success. I have only had this computer...
  2. Jay7

    Display issue.

    Pc not displaying. Saying no signal have tried both hdmi and vga. Have tried every boot sequence and I'm ready to give up is there anything else I can try.
  3. C

    I have no desktop environment - just one widget

    I am using a Windows 10 Pro Operating System. It is using a x64 bit architecture with a maximum of 6 GB Random Access Memory and 32 MB of VRAM. I have Windows Defender and the default antivirus as well as Comodo antivirus (free version). My CPU an Intel i5 (forgot the rest). 1.7 GHz. I have a...
  4. Stelecon

    No signal Message

    I just replaced the power supply in my gaming pc because it was broken, all of my other parts should work fine and I’m like 80% sure I plugged everything in correctly after quadruple checking, yet I still get the message “no hdmi/no dvi signal” when pc is hooked up to monitor I tried every port...
  5. S

    Windows 98, no display

    I have a windows 98 PC. I plug it in, and its running but I cant get the display to show on a TV or regular monitor. is there anyway that I can transfer my information from my old computer to my new computer (2020) without a monitor? PS. The monitor did work on other PCs but not the windows 98.
  6. V

    PC either refuses to start or starts and then freezes

    So about three weeks ago my PC (which is fairly old but still in working older and is also home made) began having issues on startup. It started normally, but after getting to the home screen (Windows 7 operating system) the screen went blank. I currently have it hooked up to my TV rather than a...
  7. F

    Computer display no longer working

    I recieved a new PC monitor today and tried to setup dual monitors on my desk, as i was setting up my monitors I had discovered I only had one hdmi port for my graphics card. So I looked up how to set one monitor to on board graphics and the other to my graphics card which I was able to do in...
  8. Suvon102

    Solved My Desktop PC wont turn on

    Hi My PC that was working fine deciding to not turn on. I turn it on and all the fans and lights work but my display wont show anything and it doesnt even detect my keyboard/mouse. Any Help is Appreciated, Thanks.
  9. C

    Pc not working after reset

    Just today i started to completely clean my pc with a reset function on my windows 10 platform. It came up i followed instructions and a loading page came up saying it's progress. Then all of a sudden the screen was on but no image was on there. Ever since then I keep resetting and turning it on...
  10. J

    Computer Boot issues

    I recently upgraded my computer system which I built +-4 years ago, the parts I upgraded are the CPU, motherboard, ram, CPU cooler, case, case fans meaning that I kept the graphics card, power supply and the hard drive (part list is below). When attempting to boot the PC appears to operate...
  11. Samg66

    No display and slow windows

    OK so first of all here are the PC details. Processor: i5 3rd gen Gpu: Amd r9270x 2gb Ram: 16 GB Hard : 1 tb So I bought this PC recently and been using it for 1-2 months. Now I used to play overwatch at high settings at 100 fps. Or pubg at 60 fps with high settings with no problem. Now I...
  12. S

    No Signal after signing in on Windows 10

    Ok, I am very new to computers and have built my first custom PC. Things have been going relatively smoothly until I installed windows. Now, when I boot it up normally and put in my password, after a few seconds of being on the homescreen, my display goes black and says no signal while the PC is...
  13. O

    No display! Pc turns off after 30 seconds

    Hi my specs are -i5 4600 -msi h81m-p33 -msi gtx 960 -8gb ram -windows 10 -4tb hdd -500w power supply No display when i turn on pc connected to gpu. And pc turns off after 40s and starts up again, all fans working but hdd light not on or flickering
  14. Dillon9

    No Display Lenovo Thinkpad

    Hey everyone, I recently ran into the issue that the backlight on my Lenovo Thinkpad W520 for the display wont light up ( i took the LCD and shined a flashlight behind it to ensure that it was being digitized which it was). It worked fine one day until I turned on the laptop and the screen was...
  15. K

    Old HP Pavilion wont display

    I have an old hp Pavilion 6830 that i've been trying to get to work. I had a friend who also had an hp Pavilion (different model, same age) that he had taken apart, accidentally destroyed the motherboard, and gave the parts to me. I used his parts for a ram upgrade (and replaced a cpu board that...
  16. Hazeeb

    Solved Plugged CPU into wrong power.Large amount of smoke came.

    Hey guys,as u can see in the title,my CPU smoked. I use this old desktop for games and other stuff,and I wanted to put it in another room,so I plugged the same extension cord that I used earlier into the socket and I turned it on,before the computer turned on completely I heard a pop sound and...