display not showing

  1. P

    Pc is on but is showing no display

    Recently my computer has started acting up. It said I needed to complete a disk repair; this led to an endless boot loop. During one of the scans, I turned off my computer. When I turned it back on, it turned on, but there was no display on the monitor. I need help to resolve this, I have no...
  2. J

    GPU only outputs to HDMI not display ports

    I bought a second hand gaming PC (i7 4770 RX480 win10) recently, the only way I can get any display to show on my monitor is through the HDMI port, it has three other display ports on the GPU, and HDMI/VGA/dvi on the motherboard. I've checked using multiple monitors and two brand new cables and...
  3. B

    Boot loop/ display problems

    Hello. I had a boot loop problem and got the tip to take out the small battery and put it back in. So right now I have no problem with boot loop but it won't show anything on my monitor. I did this once before and after taking stuff out and putting it back in, it worked for 5 minutes then...
  4. J

    Computer Boot issues

    I recently upgraded my computer system which I built +-4 years ago, the parts I upgraded are the CPU, motherboard, ram, CPU cooler, case, case fans meaning that I kept the graphics card, power supply and the hard drive (part list is below). When attempting to boot the PC appears to operate...
  5. Hazeeb

    Solved Plugged CPU into wrong power.Large amount of smoke came.

    Hey guys,as u can see in the title,my CPU smoked. I use this old desktop for games and other stuff,and I wanted to put it in another room,so I plugged the same extension cord that I used earlier into the socket and I turned it on,before the computer turned on completely I heard a pop sound and...