display port

  1. A

    Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitor Display Port or HDMI selection

    Hello, I have just received the Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitor and want to know which Display Port or HDMI cable I should use to get the best display. My laptop specs are as follows: System Manufacturer: Dell Inc. System Model: Vostro 3591 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-1065G7 CPU...
  2. H

    KVM Switch not working on gaming PC

    Hi, It works well with my work computer , but the display is not working in my gaming computer. My monitor is https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B0772BK7BV/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 KVM Switch...
  3. J

    Connecting monitor and laptop

    Hi, Please can someone help me. I have a laptop which I want to connect to a monitor. The monitor has displayport, vga and usb and the laptop has hdmi and usb. How do I connect them? And how much will it roughly cost?
  4. K

    Display Port no signal

    Hello, so i have this problem with my brand new 1660 ti, so the problem is that my second monitor wont get signal from the GPUs DisplayPort connection. Monitor, DP cable and the GPU is brand new. Ive done some research and i saw that many people have that have the same problem with the Nvidia...
  5. J

    Display port not detecting monitor

    Hello, I am trying to add a second monitor to my PC. The first monitor is connected through the VGA port. The second monitor I have tried unsuccessfully to connect through the display port via a display port to VGA and/or a display port to hdmi. I thought it might have been something with...
  6. Rico549

    Display Darkens After Entering Fullscreen Mode

    Problem: A few seconds after I select "Fullscreen" in any video player or game, my display darkens significantly as if I had adjusted the monitor brightness all the way down. After checking, the monitor brightness still reads what I had previously set it to when this occurs. The display...
  7. B

    spilled water on my desktop PC

    So Like 1 hour ago I spilled water near my PC and I think some of it got to the PC because it's not picking up any Display port including Displayport and DVI and hdmi, everything else works correctly, both my mouse and keyboards LED turn on, I have tried Unplugging the monitor, Taking out the...
  8. E

    Triple monitor (hdmi and dp port not working simultaneously)

    hi there, I’ve got an asus z370 motherboard and a grx 2070 gpu. I’m trying to connect 3 monitors to this setup. One via DP cable from the monitor to GPU, one via hdmi-to-dvi and a last via just hdmi. I once had this setup working, when i first built the setup. But after a gpu driver update...
  9. C

    Dual Monitor Help

    Hello! I had recently bought a second monitor to set up a dual monitor setup. There is one hdmi port and three displayports. I currently have my main monitor hooked up to the hdmi port as that is the only cable that came with the prebuilt PC i bought a couple months ago. My question is, would I...
  10. E

    Monitor displays ”no signal”

    my aoc monitor isnt working as it should I turn on my pc that is in perfect condition and every other time I plug the monitor or pc in after taking the plugs out for various reasons the monitor displays “no signal” and I’ve been at it for hours trying to fix it but nothing. This is the second or...
  11. Z

    Quadro k600 with 2 4K monitors

    I currently have a Quadro K600 as my GPU. I have a regular 1080p monitor on the DVI port. Theres a display port left, will my gpu be able to handle it if I buy a 4K display and hook it up to the display port? Even if I have another 1080p monitor connected.
  12. R

    DP monitor detected by computer but still no signal!

    So I accidentally unplugged my whole setup (PC connected with a blue cable to my secondary screen and a DP to my primary), and therefor force shutting everything. I'd like to say I'm certain this is where my problem showed up. When I started the computer again I could see my primary monitor in...