display problem

  1. Rico549

    Display Darkens After Entering Fullscreen Mode

    Problem: A few seconds after I select "Fullscreen" in any video player or game, my display darkens significantly as if I had adjusted the monitor brightness all the way down. After checking, the monitor brightness still reads what I had previously set it to when this occurs. The display...
  2. L

    PC not connecting to either TV or monitor

    I have been using my lenovo pc now via my TV for months now with no issues... Via hdmi but today I turn it on and it says no signal? I have also tried connecting back to its old monitor but that is also not getting any signal, my laptop works fine when connecting via the hdmi, so it must be...
  3. Z

    Quadro k600 with 2 4K monitors

    I currently have a Quadro K600 as my GPU. I have a regular 1080p monitor on the DVI port. Theres a display port left, will my gpu be able to handle it if I buy a 4K display and hook it up to the display port? Even if I have another 1080p monitor connected.
  4. R

    Videos are Extremely Zoomed In

    Hello! I'm having trouble viewing some videos, mainly those on websites and some youtube videos, though netflix and amazon prime videos look fine. For the videos with issues, they look extremely zoomed in. The rest of the page is not zoomed in, only the video, and thumbnails of videos look...
  5. K

    Solved HDMI port not working?

    I'm trying to display my PC to my TV but when i connect the HDMI to the PC and TV nothing happens on the computer and it doesn't recognize anything when i go to the display setting and try to set it to the TV. I know the HDMI works because it's the one i use for my PS4, I also know that the TV...
  6. O

    Solved Monitors going into power saving mode

    Hi. I've just installed Windows 10 on two Dell PCs. The Dell PCs are identical model and purchased at the same time - client wanted them upgraded from windows 7 to 10. One of the PCs is having monitor trouble. Two monitors on an ATI HD 5400 graphics card. One connected via VGA D-Sub and the...
  7. L

    Screen Display and Text Size Automatically changed?

    I have a Dell Studio XPS laptop (not sure about year, between 2013/2015 I think) and have noticed that the screen resolution recently changed to a lower display setting. I was taking notes in class and all of a sudden my screen display shrunk (display not going all the way to sides and...
  8. Metjuw

    Dual Monitors [One w/ G-Sync & the other w/o] Freezing

    Hello all, I wonder if anyone came across this issue and/or can help me out with my problem. So I recently bought the Acer Predator 24" 144Mhz Monitor and I have it connected via Display Port to my Nvidia GeForce GTX760 whilst I also have an Iiyama 24" 60hz Monitor connected to the same graphic...
  9. towhidzaman

    CSGO FPS Problem / Display problem - Screen Burn In

    So I'm having a very weird problem. I've never faced it before. I don't even know how to explain it. Anyway, I will try. If you zoom in and look closely, you will see there is a burn in of my desktop. You can see the desktop apps icons like the current screen is very transparent. I noticed...
  10. D

    Radeon rx480 not showing display on monitor.

    Hi. I recently bought the Radeon rx 480 video card for my computer but when I plugged everything in, it refused to show a display on the monitor when everything was plugged in accordingly. Strange thing is, my buddy and I swapped our 480 and 1080 and the 1080 worked just fine in my computer. It...
  11. M

    intermittent white horizontal line flicker at top of screen

    Problem: brief flickering of white horizontal lines, always postioned close to the top of screen, various lengths. Time of occurence / how often: First happened around September 17th, after I installed "rainmeter" (I don't think this is the reason, and have since uninstalled). The flickering...
  12. J

    Computer screen unresponsive

    I have a Dell Vostro 200 Desktop that is having issues, First when I turned it on it started beeping non stop and had no display on the screen. So I opened it up and took out the processor and cleaned it up and added new thermal paste and dusted it all out. I put it back together and hooked it...
  13. N

    Unusual Display Issue on HP Spectre x360

    Hi, I have an HP Spectre X360 which I bought less than a year ago. The computer was functioning perfectly up until a couple days ago, when I turned it on and noticed the display not working correctly. It is hard to describe the problem, but basically there is very intense burn ins, which are...