1. C

    Moving the screen display horizontally

    Hello, I'd like to move the screen display of my monitor horizontally (maximum to left side). My monitor's buttons and NVIDIA control panel don't give me that option in any way. I've already changed the resolution for having space on both sides. I'm using Windows 10.
  2. L

    Display driver issues & USB peripherals reset

    I hope someone can help me with this, I'm a digital artist working from home and this is really affecting my job! My display driver and USB ports are both badly acting up. I'm not sure exactly when this all started--the display issue has been happening for a while but everything started getting...
  3. C

    Screen clouding

    I keep getting these weird discolored markings on the corners of my computer screen and I has spread over the las few months. I haven’t spilt anything on it or set something heavy on it. If you know how to fix it or how to stop it from spreading please let me know.
  4. Suvon102

    Solved My Desktop PC wont turn on

    Hi My PC that was working fine deciding to not turn on. I turn it on and all the fans and lights work but my display wont show anything and it doesnt even detect my keyboard/mouse. Any Help is Appreciated, Thanks.
  5. GamerBlackAcid

    How can i enable these at the same time?

    I want to enable two display drivers at the same time. Can I do that? Here is why: see this thread. That issue was fixed. And another issue came up. The drivers for AMD Radeon HD 4250 are ok. But ones for Radeon R7 240 aren't good. I've tried updating them using Device Manager. It asked to...
  6. TECsta

    Screen Resolution/Aspect Ratio Upgrade...

    Hi TG Crew.. I have a basic HP laptop (no frills) the maximum screen resolution (1920 x 1080) it's incapable of fully displaying dialog boxes! for instance in order to Ok 'Preferences' on my latest cool Adobe CC subscription, i have to put the Screens Orientation on Portrait mode, sideways? And...
  7. G

    Some game launchers are invisible.

    While i am unsure where to post this, It is game related. My problem has been 2 of my game launchers specifically Black Desert Online and Battle.Net are invisible... While i have found a fix to this.. it isnt quite effective... the fix involves changing my display adapter, A Intel UHD Graphics...
  8. Bryan84

    Win+P (Windows Presentation Mode) takes too long to load the

    Win+P (Windows Presentation Mode) shortcut takes too long to load the option. Any idea why? Do I need to turn on any specific service? At times I have to manually Right Click >> Display Options >> Extend Display Is there a fix? Windows 10.
  9. M

    Screen Tear

    I have been receiving screen tearing for quite a while. It starting happening 3 months ago on my laptop. It is the Acer Nitro 5 with the specs of i5 7300HQ, GTX 1050 ti Mobile Max Q, 8gb ddr4-2400, 256gb ssd, 1080p display, and 15.6 in. I have tried reinstalling windows around 6 times already...
  10. A

    Display bug on Redmi Note 5

    Hi, When I restart my Redmi Note 5, there are black pixelated rounded borders on the four corners of the screen, and also two small thin lines on the top and bottom of the screen. I faced this issue first a day back, when I rebooted my phone. Then I did a factory reset and after that...
  11. B

    Laptop Display Freezing momentarily. Mouse too.

    Display freezes for a second or a second and a half. Then, the display "catches up". Whether working with programs or online, the display will run fast to catch audio. Audio not affected as far as I can tell. Seems to be random and I can't relate it to any particular action. The display just...
  12. L

    Will i get screen tearing from laptop to external display?

    So i have a Dell G7 with GTX1060 and a 60Hz Laptop display. I get a lot of Screen tearing when i run almost any game, Even GTA San Andreas. If i hook this up to gaming monitor with 144Hz or GSync enabled will this fix my issue of screen tearing while i'm playing from the Gaming monitor? If so...
  13. P

    Monitor display problem

    I have an Acer V223HQV monitor,it is an older monitor and it only has VGA display option. So i recently bought a new pc with a Nvidia gtx 1060 which only has HDMI conection. First i bought a cable that converts hdmi signal to vga and everything worked fine. Then that converter cable broke and i...
  14. S

    Solved Monitor right side pink wavey, again! help

    S230HL acer monitor. using VGA (lcd with led technology or sumthin) I bought it, i came home, plugged in power adapter, there was this pink hue and waves going down in the right side https://streamable.com/oh3u7 (its almost unnoticiable in white, very noticable in black and dark colors)...
  15. G

    Laptop and Monitor running on different GPU

    So my setup is I have a laptop connected to my monitor running extended, but my laptop display is running on the Integrated Intel graphics, not the 1050ti I have. The monitor is running on the 1050ti but is there any way I can make the 1050ti run on both and, or just on the laptop? I have tried...
  16. L

    Third monitor detected, but not active

    I have an Hp Elitebook Folio 9470m and I connected 2 monitors to it; however only one can be displayed at a time. Its the one or the other. If my laptop's screen is off, then both monitors work fine, if one monitor is off, then one monitor and the laptop's built in screen work. -(all drivers...
  17. D

    TV screen no longer shows my desktop display

    hi guys, first post, recently joined the forum. Hope this is the right topic to post under. I have an ASUS UX305UA laptop. I used to always connect my laptop to my TV through a mini-HDMI cable, and mirror my desktop onto my TV. However, recently that has stopped working. Whenever I connect...
  18. M

    Solved Input Signal Out Of Range When Second Screen Only

    When I have my displays set to extend the Second Screen works perfectly however when I try to change to Second Screen Only it presents me with Input Signal Out Of Range on the monitor. The monitor resolution is 1440 x 900.
  19. MarkoPancirov

    Solved Buying a docking station/port replicator for laptop

    I am trying to build the following setup: 1) Asus laptop (TUF gaming series FX504 with 1 hdmi port), Windows 10 1) 2 or 3 high resolution external monitors connected to laptop via a docking station 3) Multiple peripherals like keyboard, mouse, speakers etc. I did a lot of research about docking...
  20. P

    MSI GTX 680 blackout after few minutes

    HI GUYS....... i replaced AMD radeon 6750 with a used MSI GTX 68O to my i7 2400 on gigabyte z68x-ud4-b3 with Corsair 850w PSU, It did not detect the card at first so i updated the Basic Graphic drivers from the Device manager. It then showed that the Nvidia 680 is installed and the resolution...