displayport to hdmi

  1. M

    Displayport and HDMI dual monitor locked resolution

    I have an rx580 and resently got a second screen i have the hdmi into on monitor then a displayport to hdmi adapter from the gpu into a hdmi cable to the second no matter what i try updating drivers and turning them off the resolution on the displayport is locked at 640x480 however if i only...
  2. Dwang474

    Connect HDMI laptop to DisplayPort Monitor

    Hello. I have a laptop (Dell Latitude) with a HDMI slot, and a monitor (HP EliteDisplay) that has a DisplayPort slot. I want to connect my laptop to the monitor via these two slots, so I bought a cable that has HDMI on one end and DisplayPort on the other. This is the one I bought...
  3. W

    DP monitor trying to connect to hdmi laptop

    Trying to connect my computer screen with my laptop so I have two screens. My monitor has a DisplayPort while my laptop has only HDMI. I have inputted the connector in the monitor (DP to hdmi) and connected the hdmi cable either end into the connector and the laptop. The monitor just keeps...
  4. E

    Displayport to hdmi

    I just bought a computer tower I connected it to my tv with a displayport to HDMI. The tv detects the signal but when I go to it it just says no signal. I do not have a monitor hence why im connecting it to my tv, I do not have any other display cables, the computer is a HP Compaq 8200 elite.