1. G

    Can connect to net but cant access router login page

    Hey everyone, sorry if Im breaking any rules, Im new here. So I was trying to forward a port to my ps4 on my router (DLink DSL 2730U, I was doing this on my laptop with an ethernet cable) while following a guide and when I added port 80, it gave me an error along the lines of "port is bigger...
  2. G

    Powerline and WIFI inquiry

    Hi there, I own a D-link DHP-307AV powerline network adapter and I had a quick question regarding its properties. The router in the house I am currently living in is setup on the main floor; I have directly connected the powerline network adapter into it via Ethernet port. The second adapter...
  3. zamia

    D-ViewCam D-Link camera does not connect

    Hi All Need help with the following problem. Equipment: D-Link camera model DCS-5222LB1 OS: Windows 7 - 64 Problem: Cannot connect the camera with the D-ViewCam dashboard. I am able to connect the camera over the internet profile. But that has limited functions. Error message on the...
  4. M

    Username Disable - Dlink

    D-Link Router: DIR-605L User Name: grey (admin) by default can't change or type, the field is disabled Password: Router password (admin) can't login Popup message "The page at http://192.168.01 says: Please input the User Name." Tried different browser Please help!