.dll error

  1. WindowsVistaBuisnessUser

    Corrupted .dll files in WindowsVista & Broken Startup repair

    I was having issues today when I patched Windows Vista's .dll files which included kernel32 d3d12, dwmapi, ole32, shell32, user32, and uxtheme which all are .dlls, but after patching them I booted into Windows Vista and got a BSoD then attempted again with the same BSoD while it saying I have a...
  2. A

    .dll files randomly disappeared

    Hey everyone, So, I've looked everywhere for answers to this and wondered if anyone had any ideas before I go nuclear and reinstall Windows. I was watching a livestream, went away to get food, came back and for some reason everything had crashed. I rebooted my PC and then several programs just...
  3. G

    Solved Missing .DLL when I try to run applications

    I've been looking all over different web forums for a solution to my problem, but to no avail. In the past few weeks my computer has been randomly blue screening and shutting down in the middle of work. The last time this happened, when I rebooted my computer, none of my applications/.exe files...
  4. PowerRight

    Solved Recovery Manager .dll Error

    Long story short: I can't get the recovery manager I installed to work. I get the following prompt every time. Hello, I'm having a bit of trouble with my computer. I recently decided to change my operating system to Ubuntu 14.04, which I loved how fast it was and remains one of my favorite...