dll fixer

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    good free dll fixers

    i get alot og my games from nosteam and pcgames net and always have dll issues . First is there a site I can upload a file to they repair it and i get it back? Or is there a good dll fixer site that actually works and even scans for missing dll and repairs or reinstalls?
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    Missing dll file.

    hello,i am using HP NOTEBOOK intel core 'i3' with windows 10. i downloaded a game dragon ball xenoverse 2 from 'ocean of games'. but when i started to install that game its showing an error called "ISDone.dll" error with blank black small window. i have done everything like, turned off my...
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    how to fix audioeng.dll on windows 7

    I am running windows 7 professional 64 bit system. My computer suddenly has no sound. Ran the windows cmd scan. The log is showing windows audioeng.dll corrupt and windows could not repair it. Tried just about everything and still cant get it sorted. Windows media player is not working either (...