dns server is not responding

  1. N

    WiFi is secured but no internet connection. (Win 10)

    Hi, I’m having trouble connecting to the WiFi. When I troubleshooted it, it said that the dns server is not responding. I have not had this issue before and I contacted Microsoft and went through a list of solutions but none of them worked. It started out of nowhere a couple of days ago and...
  2. X

    Windows 10 no wifi DNS Server not responding

    Windows 10 wifi not connecting when I troubleshoot it says DNS server not responding. I tried searching google for how to fix it and it told me to go to command and type something into a black window that popped up and press enter a few times but it didn't fix the problem. Please help me figure...
  3. K

    problem connecting to the internet

    i recently got a new laptop and it was working fine at first. after a day or so it had issues connecting to the internet..it would show that it was connected and secured but wouldnt connect to the internet. i would always have to either use command prompt (ipconfig/release and ipconfig/renew)...
  4. Viktorija

    no wifi on laptop(device or DNS server is not responding)

    Wifi does not work anymore on my computer, but it works on my roommate's laptop and on my phone. When I try to go to some webpage, it says "hmm we can't reach this page". When I try to detect the problem it says "Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource (DNS...