1. bigk

    How often do CPU die? (Or DOA)

    I bought a Ryzen 3700x on black friday recently since it was on sale. [New via Newegg] I've been wanting to build a new pc. As I'm not sure when I'll be able to get the motherboard, ram etc and with my return window closing on Jan 31 2020 I'm a little concerned. So my question is, how often...
  2. M

    New PC. GTX 950 no display, ram slot also not working.

    New PC wont post into bios with GTX 950 Plugged in, and only one ram slot on motherboard is working. please help. all fans are spinning I have successfully posted with the on-board gpu AND my old gts 450, only while having one stick of ram installed. 2 sticks of ram, no boot no matter the...