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    AOL Attachment Sends Entire Filing Cabinet

    I am a musician and for decades I've been sending songs in aol emails as an mp3 attachment - without problems. Now something has gone wrong. I can still attach and send the song as normal. But in my 'sent' copy the attachment has changed name from the song title to my entire document...
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    Solved Starting a document in WORD

    I just installed Microsoft office 2007, no manual. I've used WordPerfect for years. In Word Perfect I call up a blank document and type away. How do I get the blank document in Word?
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    Virus? Documents in folder I did not access

    I was in my document folder today and noticed earlier this week had over 600 documents "altered" on Monday. I opened some and they were existing files I had on drive. I was home and on computer at the access time... did I get hacked? Windows 10
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    "Permanently deleted file" help

    I’m hoping there’s a solution to this one. I own a Amazon Kindle Fire. I’m not positive, but, though it might be irrelevant, I believe it to be the “Fire HD 8 5th Generation”. After lending my personal device to another for some time, I retrieved it. I discovered later on that one of my...
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    How to Understand XML Format?

    Guys i need help. I have a file thats in .XML format and its completely in code. I believe that it is supposed to be in a table format or in a nice document and not in code! please help this is urgent
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    Minimized documents pop open

    I have Windows 10. I frequently have multiple documents minimized on my desktop. Every time I open a new document, the ones of the same type that I have minimized pop open first, then the new one opens. How do I keep the minimized ones down until I want them and just the new one open up? This is...
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    Win7 cannot access Control Panel, C:,or any folder

    I can't get into any folders, or even the control panel. Everything works fine in safe mode. I can click on a picture and it will open, I can search for a game and it will open, I can even launch config.sys or CMD. When I click on computer or any other folder, the folder appears and spins the...