doesn't boot

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    Red led marking cpu

    I was gaming when suddenly my pc turned off, when i try to start it it doesnt start and marks a red led saying cpu on the motherboard, i tried a lot of things and any of them worked i need help (my specs are a b360 hd3 gigabyte motherboard, i7-8700, rtx 2060, 16 gigs of ram
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    My pc doesn’t turn on

    Well here i am i searched of the hole internet for help but couldn’t find any. I recently bought a pc but it didn’t turn on so i thought it would be the psu that was broken, well it wasn’t. So i tried my motherboard but that wasn’t broken either (my motherboard is an msi b450m motherboard and my...
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    PC sometimes doesn't turn on past windows logo

    Hello, I am looking for some help with my PC. I am using windows 10 MSI gaming 970 motherboard GTX 1050 msi GPU No name rams (3x2gb) AMD fx 8350 CPU VS650 Corsair PSU Samsung evo 850 SSD 256gb 2 additional HDD 1tb and 512gb The problem is that sometimes when playing games they just randomly...
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    Pc doesn't turn up!stuck at gigabyte screen!

    I was watching this video which was showing how to make my pc better when running games! After watching the video and restarded the pc i didn't turned on! Just got stuck on the motherboard screen! I preess keys but it doesn't do nothing so i can't go into safe mode apparently too. What i think...
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    Solved PC doesn't boot, fan spins, but keeps shutting down and on

    Firstly pc doesn't pass POST. It turns on, fan spins and after a few seconds turns off and turns on again and so on and on... Sometimes it boots up and I can use it freely, but if I restart or shutdown and try to turn it on, it does that annoying thing again. It's Packard bell laptop (I don't...