dont know what to do

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    Ram upgrade for a noob

    Basiclly im new to the whole pc scene especially when it comes to ram, now im looking to upgrade im on an Intel core 8th gen i5-8400 2.80ghz Not sure about motherboard Im looking to increase my ram from 8gb to 16gb but after reading i got a bit confused, what would be my best bet and what...
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    need urgent help

    hi i am no tech guy i am pretty dumb when it comes to computers , viruses and all them other techy things so i have came here to try and get some help. recently i have discoverd my iphone4 was hacked and for ages it has been recording me in my private time and who ever has done this has almost...
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    Laptop sparked and smoked, please help

    Yesterday, my computer randomly shut down without showing any lights that it is charging or anything. I looked online and saw that there were 2 possible fixes. One was to just wait a day or so, the other was to take out the battery, and start the computer with only the charger. So I waited a day...