1. P

    Print via LPT1 to a USB printer

    I would love to know if an old DOS program (probably set up as a simple data merging program) can be converted to be used with my newer equipment. I attempted several things to get the program to work. In thinking back over what I've tried in the past, I remember that I was running the program...
  2. niedernsill

    Solved Copy only new files to external drive

    Hallo I am certain that 30 years ago you were able to copy only changed files or new files to an external drive, and leave ones that had already been archived uncopied. Can you point me to the correct switch in DOS copy, Xcopy or Robocopy please. I am sure that this is one of those stupid...
  3. LuxyMunday

    Broken soundcard/driver caused fatal error

    Hi guys I'm hoping you can help. I am running Win8 and recently changed my speaker/audio settings to a non default driver, GUI or something from memory. My computer then glitched and had a fatal error and I can't get it back up, this driver or soundcard is broken. I can't load Windows or...
  4. static1994

    Trouble formatting an MS DOS 486 DX 33Mhz

    Hello all, Something my friends champion me for is my ability to find errors that nobody ever knew existed, simply by touching a computer. That being said, I've also devoted a lot of time into learning various ins and outs and know enough to be able to put together a machine, diagnose, and...
  5. M

    Resurrect engine diagnostic equipment

    I am attempting to restore a Bear branded engine diagnostic oscilloscope setup. The core of this was a low profile x86 PC on AT form factor. The old AT mobo has failed, and I was able to boot the hard drive in another PC to confirm that there could be a chance of restoring function with a newer...
  6. B

    Windows and DOS in parallel?

    I have a CNC milling machine running a program called cafca40 under DOS. Each time I edit or run a program I have to navigate directories, which is difficult in DOS. Is there a way to preset the directory when calling the Dos program (from Windows 95)? And editing the G code files in DOS is...
  7. M

    Unable to run an old DOS program used for scales and balance

    Hey Guys! I am facing a problem in running a DOS program which is actually used for rectification and modification of scales and balances. The software is of company Sartorius. It is pretty old software and runs on MS DOS while I install it on window xp as well as window 7 32bit. After the...
  8. P

    Converting OS

    Im getting a Asus R558. It has DOS, if the dealer reboots Win10, what effect it will have? Will i get updates like original 10?
  9. S

    Support for DOS apps and legacy XP apps

    As I've understood it, ever since the release of Windows 7, there has been no way to support programs written to run in a DOS session from within Windows, even by using XP Mode or by running a Virtual Machine with Windows XP. Is this still true, or have there been any methods or products...
  10. R

    Solved Dos code to clean mac.

  11. P

    Redirecting old DOS program to USB printer

    I have an old DOS program I've tried to use with DOSBox, the NETUSE LPT1 command and PrintFil, but I can't quite get it to print like it's supposed to. The program downloads 3 fonts to the printer before it starts each job, which is basically a database merging program. The program prints...