1. V

    Solved Internet Online, but most devices won't connect. Some will.

    Hey, having a weird issue here. Internet has been down for two computers, two Androids (but Facebook app works on BOTH - despite nothing else connecting????) and a gaming console. However, my SurfacePro laptop connects with no issues, and my Roku TV connects too without issues. All devices can...
  2. Reso

    Solved PC powers down by itself, fans and fan controller still on

    Hi as the tittle suggests my PC keeps shutting itself down. I replaced my cpu heatsink and applied thermal paste to rule out my CPU overheating, my cpu now idles at 40°c. I think i may have a faulty PSU as when my PC powers down the fans ect are still on but my TV screen receives no signal...
  3. S

    Solved PC Randomly Turns Off

    My PC randomly shuts down. This all started roughly two weeks ago, but it keeps getting worse and more frequent. When it shuts down I have to flip the switch in the back, wait a few seconds, then flip it again before restarting. The power button on the front does nothing. (The PC is completely...
  4. S

    Solved All kinds of downloads freeze randomly

    This has been a problem for a while now, operative system is Windows 7. Whenever i download anything from the internet in general, the download always seem to freeze at different points. Browser downloads could for example freeze at 200Mb. I could try to download once again and it could freeze...
  5. Slothraki

    Pc randomly shuts down when gaming, won't come back on

    So a few weeks back my pc was having an issue where when I tried to game, my pc would randomly shut down, despite low temperatures. Everything would go off including all of the interior fans and lights, besides the power supply light, and the motherboard light. In order to get it to come back...
  6. M

    New Sudden Massive Slowdown of Computer

    Please help ASAP! I have an acer x3470 computer desktop, and i have been playing games such as league and alot other games for about 3 years, on low settings, 30-50fps. However until today, there has never been any major slowdowns, and this made me unable to play league at all, with fps along...