download speed

  1. Zenpai613

    Ethernet send/receive super small

    I have 500MB/sec download speeds, confirmed with ookla. But my ethernet in tskmsngr shows only around 30to50mb. my seam downloads and other downloads are really slow. tried different cables, updating drivers, resetting modem, etc.. this is a 7000$ PC setup and for some reason whether i spend...
  2. T

    Slow download speeds on PC only

    I recently built a PC. I have it networked via hardline through a cat 7a ethernet cable to my router. I have noticed that on my PC only, I have really poor download speeds. I have 3 Xboxes in the house that don't have download speed issues. I pay for 400mbps speeds, typically get around 200+...
  3. C

    Download slow on PC, fast upload ... other devices work well

    I have fast internet -- 70 mbps on phone, 70 on laptop, 90 on TV -- but 8 on PC windows 10. But the upload speed is fast. The Dell PC used to be substantially faster, so I wonder if it is slow because of an update. Any advice would be appreciated. (The Edge router is provided by the IPS and it...
  4. A

    Downstream not ok / downloadspeed really slow

    i am not goot at all when it comes to networking..but my internet provider just told me my downstream on my router or my connection is bad and not working how it there anyone that could help me ?
  5. B

    <10 mbps on desktop but 100+mbps on laptop in same room?

    Hello all, So i'm kind of at the end of trying to figure this out on my own, so thought i would reach out for some help. I am having internet speed issues on my desktop PC. i know that it is not necessarily an issue with the router or service, as all other devices get close to, if not more...
  6. D

    Unable to get gigabit speeds.

    Just recently upgraded to 940Mbps up and down from 300mbps up and down. With my old connection speed, I used to get aboud 320 down, and 270 up, with my new connection, im getting about 450Mbps down, and around 650Mbps up. I have my computer connected via CAT 5e to the brand new modem directly...
  7. P

    Internet Downloads Slowing Down Extremely

    So I've been having this problem recently, where whenever I try to download anything through a browser, the update starts at around 150 kbps and slowly drops until it stops, usually dropping at about one kb /s/s. Like it starts at 150, then 149, then 148, until it eventually goes to 0. The...
  8. S

    New router, same issues

    Ok so recently the download speed of my pc has been reduced from around 30 mbps to anywhere ranging from 1-8mbps. My upload speed is nearly always around 10 mbps which I've been told is completely fine. When connecting to the modem with my pc via ethernet i receive around 220 mbps download so...
  9. G

    Downloads slow for no reason

    Windows 10 Same internet as roommate who has upwards of 12MB/s download, I have less than 400 kB/s. Same ISP. Tried switching modem ports to no avail. Tried downloading the same programs from same sites with same applications(mainly Steam and BitTorrent) and same background programs running...
  10. S

    slow download 90 mb /sec

    sir i have internet speed of 90 mb/sec but when i download something my speed is only 1 mb / sec please help sir its a urgent. thankfully m sagar chowdhary
  11. S

    Solved Spotty Download Speeds Across Devices

    Alright, so. I have been using my main desktop for a while. To connect to the internet, I have a WiFi transmitter downstairs next to my modem and router, and a WiFi receiver next to my desktop. I tested it with a couple different online speed test, and got about 7 Mbps Down (Ping: 19). Now...