1. EdwardDardo02

    How to use the maximum downstream rate?

    My router readings of its downstream rate is about 22Mbps but when I conduct a speed test, it can only reach up to 10mbps (and yes, I know that I am subscribed with a 10Mbps Plan). Is there a way I can use that 22mbps? I know its a form of cheating/[email protected] but I would like to know if there's a...
  2. J

    K7 Antivirus

    Can anyone provide me K7 Antivirus download link? I need it badly. It must be free from ads and other types of virus. If anyone have setup file so he/she can share. Thanks in advance.
  3. M

    Driver Easy

    Good Morning, Driver Easy legit? Is it malware? Is it a reliable and fast way to download drivers?
  4. S

    Browsers not able to download "large files"

    Whenever I try to download a file that is 5mb or larger, my download speeds are stated to be at ~100kb/s, way worse than stated by Speedtest. After a few minutes, the download cuts off and it states "download failed". I do not know how I can fix this. I am using the latest version of Firefox...
  5. S

    Cannot View Video File

    I have a security camera, but every time I try to view or save the video files to my computer, I cannot open them. Somehow I have defaulted the files to open with some program but it doesn't play the footage. I desperately need these files to be viewed, as they can be used for the police...
  6. J

    Overnight Download

    So I was wondering... Can I leave my Computer running like 8 hours straight because of downloading a huge file? Or if not, please give me tips how to download huge files while im asleep or at school. Thanks.
  7. G

    Access to and Download Deleted Twitch VOD using the link

    Hi everyone, I have a big problem I've always wanted to find the solution for. I follow a twitcher and I've always hated Twitch's VODs system, primarly because I lost lots of lives because of it. So, today I discovered that two of the shows I wanted to watch are disappeared. Luckily searching...
  8. F

    Problems with download

    Hello, few weeks ago I started having a problem with download speed but mostly with one app. The app is Faceit Anti-cheat and it's updates. Download starts slower than usual and keeps dropping down until it hits zero and the download of the update stops completely. However, this occurs only in...
  9. J

    Why is the download speed on my computer so slow?

    Hi guys, I'm not as tech savvy as I could be, and I've been all over the internet looking for answers. Here's the situation-- I'm paying for 250 MB/s internet speeds. My phone gets these speeds, my laptop gets these speeds, everything gets 250 except for my desktop computer which is...
  10. E

    Solved New Laptop refuses to download Chrome browser

    Just got a brand new: HP ENVY LAPTOP 17-AE1XX home version 1803. Device name: Laptop 17Q 16vum, processor intel(12) core (TM) i7-655ou [email protected] 1.99ghz Installed Ram: 12.0 GB (11.9 GB usable) System: 64-bit operation system x64 based processor Pen and touch with 10 touch points I set it up...
  11. J

    Solved high download speed but slow download

    hello everyone, I am really confused to why even with this down load speed I can download with full speed in some places like uplay! but in anywhere else like: IDM, regular download and even on websites such as youtube, I get only about a 100-150kb/s. (even torrent is stuck at 100kb/s)...
  12. L

    Solved Help, don´t know how to download a video

    Hi, I am trying to download two videos from a site, but I am struggling, the biggest problem is the main source comes from, but when u visit the site it comes up that the video has been deleted/ is not there anymore and the only place it is on is...
  13. crcook84

    Turn shortcut icon images into YouTube thumbnails

    There’s a YouTube channel that I like a lot of the videos on. So, each time I see a video link I’m interested in, I drag the link to a folder so that Windows automatically creates a shortcut to the video. The problem is I recognize some of the videos by the thumbnail that was displaying on the...
  14. U

    Windows Defender - Files Scanned Doubled?

    After downloading some files on Windows 10, I decided to scan them with Windows Defender and noticed something very odd about the scan results. For some reason, Windows Defender always doubles the total number of files scanned. I've tried this multiple times. If I scan 1 file, the result...
  15. J

    New Infected SD card, safely remove pictures

    Recently went on a three month trip to SE Asia and have 2000 pictures on my SD card waiting to be backed up. When I plug it into the computer it says that it is infected and recommends that I allow it to be fixed. However, I am terrified that it will erase all of my pictures in the process. Is...
  16. codyklaiss22

    Solved Slow Wireless Connection On New Desktop

    I recently purchased a new desktop PC and I am having troubles with the wireless connection. Wireless Download Speed: 1mbps Wired Download Speed: 70mbps Other Wi-Fi Devices In House: 70mbps HP Pavilion Intel Core i5 3.00GHz 12 GB Ram Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3168 Arris TG1672 Spectrum...
  17. R

    Cannot download Chrome or Firefox from Safari on my Macbook

    I get to the point when I am downloading where I drop the file in my applications folder. Once I do that nothing happens. It creates a file, but when I click on it nothing pops up or opens. Everything is updated.
  18. V

    FTP Connection

    I have read a paper and would like to download some files for a school project. The description given is: "some images can obtained by anonymous ftp from [email protected] under the directory /pub/shading" How do I go about downloading these files? I have a FTP program so need a hostname...
  19. Z

    Slow Internet on Desktop

    I have an XFinity wireless router that allows 100 Mbps download speeds with a 5 GHz band. My laptop, running Windows 10 and a built-in Broadcom wireless network adapter gets 100 Mbps. My desktop, with a Linksys WUSB6300 USB 3.0 wireless adapter gets under 10 Mbps from the same location (~20...
  20. S

    slow download 90 mb /sec

    sir i have internet speed of 90 mb/sec but when i download something my speed is only 1 mb / sec please help sir its a urgent. thankfully m sagar chowdhary