1. afaithu

    How much space do I need?

    Hello. I would like to download around 80 hours of video (preferably 720p quality), so how much space would I need? Would 128gb be enough?
  2. D

    turned off "Smartscreen" but it still blocks downloads

    I turned off "Smartscreen" at" Control Panel\System and Security\Security and Maintenance\Change Security and Maintenance settings" but it STILL blocks downloads. I believe one of the criteria for being unacceptable to "Smartscreen" is that a file in infrequently downloaded. Not a useful...
  3. O

    Half downloaded file taking up space

    I was downloading a game but it was going onto my OS disk (which is nearly full) instead of my external hard drive. So it filled up my disk and then stopped downloading. So now I can't find the application to delete it. What do I do?
  4. S

    Solved All kinds of downloads freeze randomly

    This has been a problem for a while now, operative system is Windows 7. Whenever i download anything from the internet in general, the download always seem to freeze at different points. Browser downloads could for example freeze at 200Mb. I could try to download once again and it could freeze...
  5. A

    " My ip address is exposed" Saying

    while torrent searching on i found an option video streaming and i clicked on the same then i got message displayed that "my ip address is exposed and i will be in trouble and therefore you need to use vpn" i just closed that displaying message... i just wanna know that my ip address...