1. GuiltyAsCharged

    Error when trying to open Downloads Folder [Windows 10]

    I have a problem when I try to open Downloads. At the point I click to open the message is always: Not Responding with 'Working on it'. Tried to reboot, but did not fix. Is this something I can fix without losing what is in the folder? Thanks so much in advance!
  2. C

    Free single file scanning program

    is there a free program that gives the option of scanning just one file/download rather than the whole pc?, I use libre office with windows 10 home, today I was notified of an update to office, I was using writer at the time and the update came from within that program, when I downloaded it I...
  3. J

    Downloads don't go to my downloads file anymore

    Hi, hoping someone can help me with this problem. I have researched on You Tube and the only help I see there is how to restore your download folder. This is not my problem. I have that folder. When I download docs/files it does download but then I can't find them on my computer. Sorry, but I...
  4. B

    Downloaded files access

    I have a downloaded file on my PC. Someone sent me a video, which also downloaded to my PC. Is there any way the person who sent me the video (from their phone, via the cloud) would have access to the video already on my computer, without my cooperation or knowledge?
  5. G

    Problem running a downloaded program.

    My computer is an HP using Windows 10. I am trying to sign up as a Work at Home Agent for a Website called Contract World Jobs. They have these online tests that check to see if your computer is configured correctly and if your internet speed passes. The problem I am having is the Computer...
  6. U

    File Disappeared From Folder

    A strange thing happened today with a file I downloaded. I don't know if this belongs here or in the networking forum, but I'll try to provide as much detail as possible. I work with a Windows 10 computer that is part of a network. There is a 'shared drive' which all of the computers have...
  7. C

    My download disappeared

    Hi there! A few days ago, I created invitations to an event that my friend will be hosting. I created them through a website and downloaded them when I was satisfied with the result. They were saved in the downloads folder and were visible on the dock. Today, I went into the downloads folder to...
  8. U

    Windows Defender - Files Scanned Doubled?

    After downloading some files on Windows 10, I decided to scan them with Windows Defender and noticed something very odd about the scan results. For some reason, Windows Defender always doubles the total number of files scanned. I've tried this multiple times. If I scan 1 file, the result...
  9. S

    Computer Downloading Problem

    Hello, I recently "built" (chose all the parts) to my friends comnputer and my other friend put it together for him. Everything boots up fine but every single one of his downloads go at a max of 1 mbps. I thought it was a network error but his other computer doesn't have any problems with...
  10. G

    Downloads slow for no reason

    Windows 10 Same internet as roommate who has upwards of 12MB/s download, I have less than 400 kB/s. Same ISP. Tried switching modem ports to no avail. Tried downloading the same programs from same sites with same applications(mainly Steam and BitTorrent) and same background programs running...
  11. S

    Solved Spotty Download Speeds Across Devices

    Alright, so. I have been using my main desktop for a while. To connect to the internet, I have a WiFi transmitter downstairs next to my modem and router, and a WiFi receiver next to my desktop. I tested it with a couple different online speed test, and got about 7 Mbps Down (Ping: 19). Now...
  12. I

    Solved Downloads wait times keep going up!

    So I was trying to download the official tech demo for beamng drive, and it started at 30 min. then it went to 40 to 1hr to 4hr! and now it is just hovering. This is slowing my laptop down A LOT. Help!
  13. S

    Solved All kinds of downloads freeze randomly

    This has been a problem for a while now, operative system is Windows 7. Whenever i download anything from the internet in general, the download always seem to freeze at different points. Browser downloads could for example freeze at 200Mb. I could try to download once again and it could freeze...
  14. R

    Updating an offline workstation

    Hello, I have a secure computer that cannot access the internet directly. The windows and Internet Explorer are both out of date. How do I copy the latest version it has and then go to another Internet-connected PC and download all updates on a flash drive or CD for my offline workstation?
  15. mohittomar13

    Solved how to download big files on android phone

    hi TSG, need some help. I had Ubuntu 12.04 that corrupted yesterday (I think my HDD failed) so I thought to try new Trusty Tahr 14.04.3LTS but problem is that whenever I try to download the ISO from Ubuntu website it fails. I'm using my android smart phone for downloading. I tried several...
  16. C

    I can't download anything on Google Chrome?

    For a while now, whenever I try to download anything, be it a picture, file, or something from the webstore, it just won't download. With the pictures and files, either they don't show up at the bottom of the page or it opens a blank tab. I've been looking online and trying some solutions that...