1. K

    Continuous beep and Dram led light on

    Good day to you all! :) My cumputer was working fine until yesterday when i moved it to my other house,i installed everything back and i tryed to turn it on but instead of booting up it makes a contunious long beeping and a red led light below the dram sign,and there is no display on the...
  2. J

    dram light on cannot get screen on now

    Hello. I had not updated my windows files in a while, so I started updating them,and when finished it asked me to restart the P.C. so I did, and now when clothe pc is turned on it wont show up on my monitor and theres a bunch of red lights inside. also was in msi "command center" messing with...
  3. AntonMiEngland

    Solved DRAM Chip locations

    Main question: What is the difference with RAM chip layouts? I was looking at some Crucial DDR4 and comparing it to a Kingston DDR4 and I think I noticed that the Kingston had 8 large chips, while the Crucial had 4 larger chips (I can't be sure because the sticker covers them). I can't seem to...
  4. B

    CPU red light

    I bought a new cpu and did a motherboard swap fans and gpu turn on but it goes a red light next to a label saying cpu and there is no display how can I fix it?
  5. beast10121

    DRAM Clock

    I noticed that i was only able to use 8gb instead of my installed 16gb. I looked around into my bios but realized that my dram clock wasn't right (2133mhz) but when i tried to set it up to the advertised value (3200mhz) and restart my computer the power fluctuates and it ends up rebooting saying...