drive assignment

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    D drive root shows desktop files. Desktop shows System files

    I'm looking at a windows 10 home machine owned by a 14 year old kid. It has been running slowly and erratically. I looked at his desktop and it seems to show his actual D drive folders on the desktop, along with his shortcuts. In other words, it shows system files like "Program Files" and...
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    Default Location Problem

    Hi Everyone: I have a problem relating to an earlier problem that was fixed. I received a notice that my C drive was almost full but my D drive was mostly empty. So, a nice helpful Tech Guy suggested that I move my current and backup files to the D drive and use it as my default. Which I did...
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    Mysterious CD Drive Letter

    My Windows 10 machine stopped working so I did a hard reboot. It came back up just fine, it seems, but there was a drive assignment for a CD drive that doesn't exist on my computer. I panicked and restarted the computer and the mysterious CD drive letter disappeared. BUT, is there a history kept...