drive letter

  1. DBoogie

    Data Recovery Drive

    My Laptop won't get back to desktop. Every time I power up it goes to "Automatic Recovery" the screen just goes blank/black. Nothing seems like it's loading, hence after hours even days black screen. Note: Can get to BIOS and load Kapersky Rescue Disk/USB but the Norton Rescue Disk/USB has...
  2. M

    Restoring a windows partition - switching drive letters and

    Hello, due to a recent Windows 8.1 update, my boot partition C: was rendered unusable. Luckily, I had a backup from a month ago on an external drive. I tried restoring it by Easeus ToDo backup, but it got stuck at 68% several times. I managed to salvage all the data from the backup by partial...
  3. P

    Drive Letters

    Hi, it's Anthony again. After requesting help regarding clearing a hard drive (resolved, thankfully) I've run into another problem. Using the disk management option on my Windows 7 PC, I reformatted a secondary hard drive so I could use it for extra storage space. After finishing this reformat...
  4. K

    broken micro sd card

    After formatting the partition giving it a new name and drive letter my micro sd card was finally recognized by my windows 10 laptop; however when I tried to open it to make sure it worked before I wrote a disk image to the drive it gave me this error "Please insert drive into drive E:", that...
  5. W

    Solved drive letter lost after upgrade

    Hello. Windows 10 ran a long upgrade a few hours ago - I presume it was the anniversary one - and now File Explorer can't see my main data drive. It's a 2Tb Hitachi internal drive, which was working perfectly prior to the upgrade. It shows up in Disk Management looking perfectly healthy but...