drive not showing

  1. natalieh0934

    Toshiba External Hard drive not opening

    I'm having some trouble getting my toshiba external hard drive to show itself on anything other than the Disk Management on my PC running Windows 10 (I think). It isn't showing up in the File Folders and I can't figure out how to open it, but it says it's working fine. I've tried turning the...
  2. whatname

    1TB internal drive containing all data suddenly 'unallocated'

    Hello and thanks for reading. This drive doesn't show up in Win 10 Windows Exporer. It shows up in Disk Management as Unallocated. An I/O error started displaying as I was attempting to save some midi files to the disk. There is a lot of advice about this problem around the net, some of it...
  3. P

    New hardrive not showing in BIOS Windows 10

    Hello, I just bought a secondary internal 2TB SATA hard drive for my desktop to replace a previous faulty one. After connection, I tried to initialize it in disk management but it didn't show. I then restarted and looked into BIOS to see if it was recognised but it didn't show either. To make...